2500a will not play retail movie DVD's

2500a will not play a retail movie DVD using Power DVD 5 or 6.
Yet it will play a backup copy made with DVDshrink.
Firmware is version 1072vb5dl. Using 80 conductor cable, with drive set as master and UDMA.
Region is set correctly for retail DVD. 2500 seems to perform normal in every other aspect.

PowerDVD just stops. Tried several retail movies, same results

I am guessing it some kind of Region problem, even though it is set for Region 1 and the movies are Region 1.

PowerDVD 6 is out…? Have tou tried another player? like WinDVD

Sorry about that meant to type 4 & 5. And, no I haven’t try any other DVD players.

Well then please do so!
Try WinDVD or the updated WindowsMedia9 to see if the retail discs will play using other software…

i having the same drive like u and flash to the same bios ver aswell.
and used direct dvd. not try power dvd yet.