2500A stopped reading cd after firmware update



Hi everyone, this forum has offered me much information on how to work with my 2500A drive. I really appreciate everyone’s work here.
I purchased a bare bone NEC 2500A drive two years ago, settled on Herrie’s 1.06 for most part. And I had been able to do most CD/DVD burning all right. Recently I’ve discovered many errors when tying to read files on backup DVD+R, from the same NEC drive. I figured I should try the latest firmware first. I chose Herrie’s 1.08. After updating, DVD read and writes errors seem to have disappeared, but I’m unable to read any regular CDs now. No VCD, music CD, data CD, original or backups. CD would spin a bit and stop, and the drive seems to think there is nothing in it.
I’m since tried the official 1.0a version to no avail.
Please help.
I have WIN XP SP1, the drive in secondary slave.

Thank you.


if you are completely unable to get it to read, can it write to cds? if you can read /write dvds and write cds i would suspect that the read cd diode is gone.

each task gets its own laser. dvd write, dvd read, cd write, cd read each have a separate laser. in the last year or so there have been multiple threads of people who’s 2500’s have “gone blind” to one or more type of read (dvd, cd) but were still burning flawlessly. you may want to search those threads and see what they found.

i am pretty doubtful that your firmware update killed it. most likely it expired on its own. :frowning: sorry