2500A, Single Layer, Which FW?

I have a 2500A and am only interested in using SL media (due to the lack of available DL media!)

I would, however like to have the option of booktype setting.

Which firmware would I be best using? I am thinking of Herrie’s 1.07v2b4,b5 or b6.

Is there any advantage to having one of the dual-layer FWs for single layer use?


NO. No advantage.

I was using v2b4, it was excellent.
I recently get some BeAll discs whose strategy was updated in v2b5, so I flashed to v2b5. It seems good, but didn’t spend much time with this new firmware.

v2b6 is not a good choice. It doesn’t have all the media hacks. Just a test version.

I recommend you to read v2b5 thread. There were a few minor issues. I’m not sure any of it is really originated from the firmware. If you feel uncomfortable for those issues, go for v2b4 then wait for the next major update. But probably v2b5 is good I believe.

107v2b5 - had it since its release & very happy with it with SL writing. Definite recommendation. :slight_smile: :wink:

Actualy it depends on what media you have. For example for me most accessible media I can buy is OPTODISC and it’s only supported in 1.07b7. Herrie promissed to return related mediacodes and strategies in next firmware, but currently the only choice I have is 6-8x on 1.07b7 or 2.4x on 1.07v2b4 and b5…

I would suggest upload b5 firmware as it’s the best for most users and if you will have media that is not there, try 1.07b7.

Do you still have a link to download 1.07b7 just for a test ?

I was looking for bitsetting in addition to RPC1 for my 2500 which firmware would you guys recommend, I don’t need it to be the most recent, really looking for most relaible…

Where can I get this v1.07b7 of Herries firmware.

Try here for 107b7

This is old, please don’t use it! Use 107v2 Beta 5 instead!

Oh, I thought it was newer ie B7 > b5 but I noticed the v2 in the B5 firmware :wink:

BTW Herrie, is it true that Dual Layer media can be burned @ 4x?

Which firmware can be used to achieve this?

Also Herrie, can you make any more improvments to the INFOSMART01/AN31 media in your firmware or have you got it to the best it can be?