2500a + Ritek G04 = tons of CRC!

Hey everybody,

let me start by saying great forum. I have read through a ton of threads and already picked up some good information. I seem to be running into an issue making a backup DVD’s.

I’m using NEC 2500a and Ritek DVD-R 4x G04. I use DVD shrink (3.1.7) and re-author to just have the movie. In fact I removed the audio except for 5.1 and even removed some frames at the beginning and end. Playback results in choppiness towards the latter part of the movie. I burned straight from DVD shrink at 4x

I then decided to rip to ISO leaving about a 100mb buffer at the end of the disk, then mount the ISO with Daemon tools. I then used cdcheck and the ISO came out perfect. I used nero to burn the ISO to DVD-R at 2x. This time I got further through the disk before it started to skip.

It doesn’t seem to be the fault of DVD shrink since I cdchecked the ripped ISO with no CRC errors. It has to be my burner or the Ritek.

I am reading about some people having issues with the Ritek on the NEC but am unsure what my next step should be? Should I go purchase another media and try that before returning my burner or is it safe to say I have a bad burner. Almost every disk I create has CRC errors (when using cdcheck). I’m getting kind of tired of making coasters :a

thanks in advance

more info:

I tried running Nero speed on some of three disks that I have burnt and they all come back with unrecovered read error. Two fail during the spin up and one started normally (ramping up nicely) and then spiked down abruptly before failing like the others.

Try burning the Ritek G04 using RecordNow.

Originally posted by wesociety
Try burning the Ritek G04 using RecordNow.

I’ll give that a shot. Have others had issues using Nero with this drive/media?

aaaaahhhhh. After getting ready to ship my 2500a drive back, I decided to try another media just for sanity sake. I went to comp usa looking for maxell but they didn’t have them. I ended up getting some memorex DVD-r 4x (CMC) and it burnt fine at 4x the first time. It plays fine in my stand alone player.

I purchased the Ritek on everybody’s good reviews but I can tell you that these DID NOT WORK AT ALL on my NEC. Is it possible I got a bad batch of Ritek’s? Would you recommend giving them another shot or should I just stick with these Memorex’s? I’d like to buy a spindle of 100 but is there a chance of getting something other than the CMC’s?

Many people have reported problems with using Ritek media on their 2500A. It appears that my 2500A doesn’t like the orange top Ritek G04s either. According to others on the forum, some varieties of G04 will not work very well at all on the 2500A, while others will work fine. I recommend steering clear of Ritek media since you’ve had issues with it.

The Memorex CMCs work fine with the 2500A. There is definitely a chance that you could get some other media type when buying Memorex DVD-R. Memorex rebrands many different types of media and resells it. You should be ok though, as lately all the Memorex DVD-Rs that I have heard of were reported as CMC.

would you recommend any vendors? Circuit City actually has a deal right now for 25pack spindle’s for $25. I’m sure I’ll pick up some of those in the short term.

I had similar problem…


OK now, using CMC media. works a treat…

Only other problem I’m having now is my NEC ND2500 doesn’t read scratched or dirty DVD’s (ones that still play fine in my dvd player).

Originally posted by philipf22
would you recommend any vendors? Circuit City actually has a deal right now for 25pack spindle’s for $25. I’m sure I’ll pick up some of those in the short term.

I can recommend Officemax for DVD+R discs.
They have 100 pack of Arita DVD+Rs for $89.
These are almost always RICOHJPNR01 and will burn with excellent quality at 6x with your 2500A.
One time they even had them on sale for $30 after rebate. :eek:

For DVD-R, those Memorex DVD-Rs at CircuitCity sound like a good price. :wink:
If you want the absolute best quality DVD-R that can burn at 8X.
You can get Taiyo Yuden spindles here: http://www.accaproducts.com/

looks like you can buy CMC directly without being rebranded. Not a bad price either


Ritek G04 + Nero = Total waste of time, only coasters
Ritek G04 + Recordnow 4.61 pxengine 507 = Mixed results, 50% good 50% coasters
Prodisc s03 + Recordnow 4.61 pxengine 507 = not even one coaster, perfect graph in nero dvd speed.

Suggestion: stay away from Ritek and Nero till they don’t find a solution to the problem.
Prodisc s03 seems to have a good reputation over different forums:bigsmile: and they are cheap!

the saga continues: So I thought I had it down to the CMC’s so I went and bought 75 maxell’s (rebranded CMC MAG AF1) only to find that they were actually prodisc. I was able to make one out of 4 burns successfully without CRC errors. I’m now 2/2 on the CMC disks.

I tried using recordnow and the Ritek’s, still no luck. So what is the deal with this NEC 2500a? Is everybody elses this picky? Is it possible that I have a defective drive or would it always burn with CRC errors if defective?

I’m thinking of just purchasing a spindle of the CMC branded disks since I seem to have luck with those.

Ritek is getting bad:

The NewEgg/Ritek GO4s I got with my 2500 work great, verified by Nero speed and DVDinfo.

Mine have a purplish tint to the dye. I’ll watch out for the orange ones…

I think you’ll find the reference to orange is to the top of the disc, not the recording side. Ritek G04 dye is the purple colour you mention, so all G04 discs are going to be that colour underneath.

I’m sticking to Verbatim MCC01RG20 - it’d be nice if I could find a source of the 25 disc inkjet printable spindle pack.


Thanks for the link Herrie.
Unfortunately, I just bought a 25 pack of those Orange top Riteks :a
Results with these have been mixed, and that webpage is probably a good explanation of the cause :a

I don’t think the explanation given in the link is the reason why we get CRC errors with G04 and NEC.
The problem is with the combination of hardware and software and especially the NEC 2500 drive.
I’ve tried burning good riteks (without any problems in the dye) but i got CRC errors in anycase and i read the same in many forums around.
So i continue to guess (and hope) that a fw upgrade from NEC is necessary!!!