2500a -r compatibility

Greets. My question is this, and am hoping that somebody/people can help me out.
So far, I’m loving my 811 even more since the bitsetting utility came out, so I can burn on +r as -rom for maximum compatibility and quick rip speeds. However, I’m gonna be looking for an additional burner and am considering a 2500 because of all the good reviews (sorry, not gonna be a guinea pig for 812 this time round, ive already done my share). I’m aware that it doesn’t have a bitsetting utility, but does it write -rs well enuff so as to ensure 99.9% compatibility with players if i use good media like G04 or mcc?
considering that its cheaper than a 411, and can also hit 8x on -r (which has recently suffered a real price drop), the almost-deciding factor would be if it could burn 99.9% compatible -rs. Thanks in advance.
any thoughts OC Freak?

Yeah :wink:

There have been several reports on RitekG04 discs not working correctly - unfortunately I’ve been unable to get this problem myself (tried 4 batches of ritekG04 without problems).

Beside this - most DVD-R works great - I’ve laso heared that the compatibility is superb, even with picky X-box consoles.