2500a Problem



First off I would like to say hello because im new to these forums.

Now for the problem:It won’t read any discs what-so-ever games/movies/music cd’s burned or pressed (yes i’ve spent hours searching and troubleshooting on this)

I installed it and it reads it as a dvd-rw in “My Computer” and in hardware it reads it as “_ND_2500a” or something to that affect well basically I’ve tried the following I’ve dbl checked/changed all settings albeit bios/windows/hardware for dma/IDE/jumpers and even tried numerious 80/40pin cables(which i know all work) I’ve also tried updating firmware from 1.06 to 1.07 and then to herries 107.b2 and on top of that even tried booting windows xp install disc from cd.

Now what I would like to know before I go through the hassle of returning it and having the same problem is there ANYTHING else that it could be?

Thanks any information would be greatly appreciated.

edit: (I think its a bad/loose lense imo)


Hi Riptid3

Last week I had exactly the same problem as you with a new 2500A, tried everything, no luck. I sent mine back and had a replacement: this one works perfectly.

Good luck, Jim