2500a owner, buy this media

right now officemax has khypermedia 2.4x dvd+r’s 25 pack for 15 dollars. speed hacked at 8x, the results are AWESOME. the 4x work ok but the 2.4 are the best. they suck with my liteon 812 but are unbelievable with my 2500a. so far i have burned 4 or 5 with similar results. the only reason the pi starts to rise near the end is because my liteon started to read at 7-8x instead of 4.

I’ve also had EXCELLENT results with this media at 8X.
Highly recommended. :iagree:

Can you (or wesociety) explain why the 2.4 x give better 8x burns than the 4x? One would expect that the faster rated media would burn better, but not in this case?
TigerDirect has Khypermedia, competitively priced too…just had not heard anyone give it great reviews yet…

Great! Thanks for the tip! I’ll pick up some when i’m in town tomarrow…


i wish i could tell you but i really have no idea. i actually bought the 2.4 dvds by accident. i bought 3 packs of 4x and one 2.4x because the boxes looked almost exactly the same. i was too lazy to exchange the 2.4x but finally my laziness has payed off! im sure a moderator probably has an explanation!

Hmm, I’m not exactly sure why the 2.4X CMC (R01) is better, but it always give me MUCH better results (@4X and @8X) than the certified 4X CMC DVD+R (F01) that I have…

It could just be, that the production wasn’t that mass yet back then in the 2.4x era :wink: Also I believe there were made less discs from a stamper, which gives better quality! Same things seems to be the case with RICOHJPN R00!

Checked the Officemax website and they show a price of 24.99 after instant rebate of $10. I guess the sale is over :sad:

Are these the same as RITEK R01 ??

Greetings pdu, wb! Haven’t seen you in a little while :wink:
No, these are NOT the same as RitekR01. These CMCs are MUCH better. :slight_smile:

You should be able to find these instore for $14.99 still since the sale is supposed to last until Saturday.
In my area, Officemax usually gets their truck shipments in on Fridays. So if your store was out of stock earlier this week, you may want to check back tonight if you want these…

Cheers wesociety. You’re right, it’s been a while since my last posting. Guess this means I’m quite happy with my 2500a for the time being :slight_smile: If only it could read Safedisc protected media faster. Might have to get a LiteOn for this :frowning:

We have no Officemax stores in Denmark I’m afraid - so I guess I wont be able to get my hands on some of those CMCMAGR01 discs after all. However the RITEKR01 were faitly cheap so I just wanted to hear from you experts whether they were the same as the CMC’s. Thanks a lot.

Do you know whether the RITEK R01 can be burned reliably @ 6X or 8X ?? I can get 100 pieces of this media for $50.

Now THAT kinda explains it! :iagree:

I got a 25 pk of them early this year for $10 after a $20 rebate. Media code is CMC MAG R01. I’ve just been running TDB riplock 1.07 FW so I only have a choice of 2.4X but they have been the worst disks I’ve used. Horrible LiteOn 166S (TDB riplock FW) CDSpeed quality and speed scans.

I suspect the older ones were lower quality as I doubt that they’d burn better at higher speeds. That hasn’t been my experience with any other media. Still have about 10 left though so maybe I’ll give them a try. Anybody try writing them at 2.4X? I’d suspect NEC blew the 2.4X strategy but I had similar results on a BTC 1008.


I have some R01 media that I obtained early this year also.
Write quality at 2.4X is very much inferior to the 4X/6X/8X write strats that Herrie has implemented!