2500a or 2510a

After waiting for ages for prices to drop enough to buy my first DVD writer I am now ready to take the plunge. I have narrowed it down to these two NEC drives.

Which should I get?

I will be using it for backing-up my DVDs, playing DVDs on my PC, backing up my system with Acronis Trueimage and a fair amount of CD reading and writing.

I have a Shuttle and this will be the only CD/DVD drive I use.

In the UK the price difference is as little as £2, it must be a similar situation elsewhere, surely its a no brainer?

The best I prices I can find in the UK inc delivery is £50 and £65 for the respective drives.

I also wondered if there were any issues which made one drive preferable to the other.

Go for a 2510, with the 2500 it is not 100%(maby not even 70%) sure that you can flash it to a 2510, my nabour tried with his 2500, not posible.
There is no point of buying a 2500 if you wanna burn dl-media. The 2510 is worth the extra money (in the cheapest store in my contry the 2510 cost equal what the most expensive store wants for the 2500)(normal pricedifferece is 20-30€) to be 110% sure to be able to burn dl-media.
I bought the 2510 in black instead of a 2500 because of that reason, to be 110% sure of dl-media burning. I had to wait 5 days for the 2510 to be released, but it was worth the wait. And now Herrie come with a 1.07 Beta5 copy to the 2510 (windowsflash)too.
I can´t se any reason to go for a 2500 if a 2510 is avalible.