2500A or 2510A? Best Recording quality on Single Layer Media?

Hello, this is my first post here.
I am finally going to buy a DVD burner.
I have read that the NEC 2500A has a very good writing quality.
For me, writing quality is a must, as I need reliable backups.

But now, I can buy the 2510A drive for a little more than the 2500A.
I am not interested on DL recording. Just Single Layer.
Which burner has better recording quality for Single Layer?
Is it true that the 2510A has better fine-tuned optics than the 2500A?
Has anyone compared both, using Kprobe or similar programs?

They are identical drives.
SL burning will be of equal quality on both models.
If you don’t care about DL media, buy the 2500A to save some money.

2500a rebadged as maddog 8x burners are on sale this week at officemax @ 49.99 AR
out the door price of 89.99 and 40 MIR.

I live in Spain. I guess officemax is in the US, right?

In Spain, the price difference I have spotted is about 10 euros.
I really don’t care about DL recording. It is slow, expensive, and crappy quality recording.
If the 2510 won’t give me any more quality in SL discs, I will probably get the 2500A.

thanks, both :slight_smile: