2500A or 1300A

recently bought wot I thought was a 1300A, but looking at the label at back.

It was a 2500A full label with little 1300A sticker covering the 2500A part.

So, is it case of mistaken labeling or is it 2500A flashed to 1300A and why??

The drive thinks it is a 1300A now.

Suppose my question really is -

  1. can I flash my drive to 2500A?
  2. will I mess the drive up if it fails?

Thks all

I do not think it is a 2500 drive. If it says its 1300 and works fine then it is. Firmware for 2500 is not compatable with 1300 hardware. Should you attempt to flash it to 2500 most likelly youll end up with a non-working burner.

Correct: 1300A and 2500A hardware are VERY different.
These drives cannot be cross-flashed.