2500a only at 2x

ive had this drive about 4 months, and as of last week, i noticed its only burning at 2x, even if nero or TMPG says it’s burning at 4x or 6x. Burns are taking about 26 mins. Not cool!!

I have made no hardware changes before or after this started occurring. I think i have the Dangerous Brothers firmware installed. Tried a few different media. Using TDK DVD+R right now. What should i check for??


read the faq and pay attention to the part about DMA

my DMA settings in device manager and in BIOS are enabled exactly as they should be. sorry, this isnt the problem.

If you have Windows Xp,uninstall your Busmaster driver and reeboot,this will give you a new (fresh) copy of it,I hope this will help you

2x is pio 4 so normally that is the issue. no matter what you see i wouldn’t rule it out.

check the FAQ and follow the steps.