2500a not recognized through ide-usb connection after mod'd firmware upgrade



i have an nd2500a that i have tried flashing quikee’s, as well as herrie’s, firmware upgrades to. i am using the drive in windows xp professional and i have it connected through an ide-usb adapter, since i have no ide channels to the mainboard, and it is not recognized at all after flashing either of these firmwares. the only way to fix it is to use someone else’s computer with a direct ide channel to connect the drive to. in this case the drive is recognized and operates fine with either firmware and i am able to downgrade the firmware back to NEC’s. so i am wondering why the drive will no longer work through the ide-usb adapter after upgrading to one of these mod’d firmwares. is there a work-around for this? i would appreciate any input. thank you.


sorry to bump this, but i am pretty sure there is a straightforward answer to this problem i have found. i am sure you know, quikee, since you wrote the firmware. i would appreciate it if someone could take 5 minutes to provide an answer or solution. thank you.


I’ve got a external USB2/IEEE1394 enclosure with ProLific 3507 chipset and it works fine to upgrade with either NEC’s util or Liggy’s binflash. It is know that some enclosures MIGHT cause problems!