2500A not burning DVD's, everything else is fine. Need help

Have an NEC 2500A hooked up externally (USB) and something is not right, hoping someone might have an idea. I have Nero Ultra and the NEC drive came with 1.6 firmware so everything is up to date there(OS is WinXP). It reads DVD’s no problem, reads and writes CD’s no problem, but isn’t even attempting to write a DVD. I’m trying to figure out if this is a hardware or software or combination problem. Basically when I try to burn Nero goes through it’s normal startup for burning and even says that burning has started but no buffer ever builds up, the drive just sits idle, and Nero ends up not responding. I’ve tried backing up a DVD using DVD X Copy and I’ve also tried using DVDecryper and DVDShrink, but since they are using Nero I encounter the same problem.

Has anyone else run into this problem?

I know there is that one recent post where those two guys are getting the SCSI error half way through a burn. This is a little different because my drive isn’t even attempting a burn. At first I was using these cheap DVD-R and read somewhere that the NEC 2500A might not of liked those. Yesterday I tried TDK 2x DVD-RW which is a recommended brand and again nothing happened. So I don’t think it’s a media issue. I want to blame it on Nero but the 2500A has been supported by Nero since 5.5xxx. I read a couple posters here say they use a different burning software and don’t have any problem, yet there are posters here who use Nero and don’t have any problem.

I need some suggestions. Thanks.

Forgot to add that before burning, both with DVD X Copy and Nero the drive is recognizing that there is a blank DVD-R or DVD-RW in the drive. Every other little function will work too, like telling the drive to eject through DVD X Copy and it will (stuff like that). It’s just getting the drive to burn…no spin up, nothing…and then the program locks up. Is it possible that this could be a driver issue. The driver that XP automatically installed was dated like 7/2001. I haven’t been able to find an updated one anywhere.

Hook your drive up internally on an IDE channel and test to see if it burns.
If it burns fine internally, it’s obviously a USB problem.

Would you recommend hooking it up to the primary or the secondary IDE? Or what set up would you recommend? Right now I have a CDRW on the primary (master) and a DVD ROM on the secondary (slave). I’d almost rather keep the DVD ROM and take out the CDRW, just for the DVD ROM’s read speed.

Don’t need to answer that last post. Just read in “2500 as Master or Slave”, it would be better to put the DVD ROM on primary as slave and hook up the NEC to the secondary as master.

If anyone else has any suggestions, please let me know. If I have time tonight I’ll install the drive internally and see if it burns DVD-R or DVD-RW.

Hey thug try reading this thread… Looks like you and I are on the same thing:


Thanks wesociety and Tonrar for replying. All I have to say is… Wooooo Hooooo! Wesociety was 100% correct about the USB problem. I ruled it out because as an external drive it could read DVD and read and write CD, didn’t see how it could do these things and not write DVD if there was a USB problem (I was using a Bytecc enclosure in case anyone was wondering).
Anyway took a half day today because I’ve been absolutely obsessed with this problem since I got the NEC on Monday. I opened up the housing, took out my CDRW, and installed the 2500A in it’s place. Both the CDRW and DVD ROM were on the secondary IDE and both were on cable select, so I placed the NEC on cable select as well. My primary IDE has the hard drive and the floppy drive.
Booted the system up and it recognized the NEC right away. Opened Nero and already had DVD files on the hard drive that were decrypted and encoded. Selected burn and boom, no problem at all. TDK 2x DVD-RW, 4.45GB of files/85 minutes, burned in 28 minutes or approximately 3x. I felt like crying. To make things better the DVD-RW played in my DVD player without any issues at all.

My advice to anyone having this similar problem is to try installing it internally. I’m sure for some it might not be the complete answer, but it worked for me. Now I just need to make sure everything on my system is working alright.

You are very welcome, glad to see you got your drive working correctly.

Also, I recommend that you manually set the jumpers on your optical drives. Cable select can sometimes cause some funky things to happen. DVDR drive as master is recommended. 28 mins = 2x by the way :wink:

If you want to try the USB route again, I would recommend going to your motherboard manufacturers’ website and installing the most current USB drivers.

Originally posted by wesociety
28 mins = 2x by the way :wink:

Pfff. I didn’t think anyone would mistake me as an expert.

Thanks for the warning on the cable select settings. If anything goofy starts happening I’ll keep that in mind.