2500A is stuck in PIO and I cant get it back into DMA

I installed a new DVD-ROM drive today, an ASUS E616P1 (Pioneer 121) and it works fine in DMA. In fact, it works great, I was ripping at 12.1x. But now my NEC drive is stuck in PIO. Device manager shows it as running in DMA if available, but the current mode is PIO. Is this due to my new drive, or is it just being lame? Is there a fix?

EDIT-The 2500A is set up as master, and the ASUS as slave, if that is any help.

The Device Manager is where I look to verify that I am in DMA mode. It says you are, so how do you know you aren’t?

Oh, Your saying that Current Transfer Mode says PIO, even though Transfer Mode says DMA if available.

DMA is working for the other drive, just not this one. It was working earlier, before I installed this drive. I dont understand why one would effect the other unless it had something to do with master/slave, or would it be something else?

Try uninstalling the driver of the IDE channel they are on. Reboot and let Windows reinstall the channel.
Have the Windows disc. ready.

Ok, so how would I go about figuring out which channel it is on?
Should I assume primary, secondary, or will I have to open up the case and look at the cables?
I would think it is primary, is there a way of checking to the drive properties to make sure?

Under device manager/IDE Controllers => The same place where you check whether it is in PIO/DMA mode. Uninstall the channel where you see the device is running PIO mode.
Double confirm with your motherboard connectors and the Bios config page.

Hi, I had similar problems when i changed my 2500A to another system where was already burner. So i put my nec -> master and cd-writer -> slave. That configuration gives me nec = PIO only and cd-writer = Dma on. I coudnt change nec = Dma on. So i put cd-writer -> Master and Nec -> Slave. And Voilà Both Writers was DMA ON .