2500a have more of a toll on the psu than the 411s?



after i switched from my 411s@811s to the 2500a, i notice that after hitting the power button, my computer’s power turn on but nothing is displayed no the monitor. i have to turn it off, then back on almost instantly to get it to work. so it takes atleast 2 times in turning the power on for the computer to be normal. when it gets to windows, the 2500a works fine, so not sure what’s the problem. i tried putting in the 411s again and it works fine w/o having to turn the computer on and off and on again.


I have a 411 and a 2500 running here with absolutely no power on/off issues…


i also dont have this ishue :confused:
running my system on a jeantech 500w twinfan PSU.
very very good psu`s and there price is unstoppable.

only cost me £40 and it has enough power connections to power albert einstien :stuck_out_tongue:

im also running my system with

following :

Gigabyte GA7NNXP Duel Bios Nforce2 Ultra400
Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS 7.1 THX
Hercules 9800 XT 256DDR Retail
Liteon 166-s DVDROM
Liteon 52327s CDRW
Nec 2500A DVDRW

  • about 9 Internal Fans and few lights Includeing
    Coolmaster Jet7 Platinum CPU Fan ect… + few other things.

also my CPU voltage is at the max my board can take. :slight_smile:
as you can see my voltages are great aswell.