2500a Firmware Mods

OKay, So, I know that if i buy the 2500a and i flash the firmware to the recommended upgrade, I’ll be able to burn DL discs, but i was also wondering if there’s a booktype utility for the 2500 AFTER the firmware update, to make sure the DVD+R9 discs can be read in set top players. I’m looking for a booktype ultility similar to the LITE-ON utility that i read about in another review for the new SONY DL writer. Do I even need a book type utility to make sure the r9discs will be read by set top players and ps2 with the new firmware?

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Are you onboard with an NEC now cd pirate?

okay, so under new settings, i change the DVD+R9 to DVD-ROM Specs, to make it playable in set top players?


You can also use DVDInfoPro to do this.

hi wesociety!
can you explain me when dvdbitsetter (or dvdinfopro) rewrites the DRAM of the drive?

if i set the booktype drive default, it should rewrite the DRAM. all the dvd+r’s will be burned with dvd-rom book type. right?

if i set the current disk it shouldn’t rewrite the DRAM. only the next dvd+r i burn will be bitsetted as dvd-rom. right?

and if i want to use nero? where is the option to set the book type? does it set the default or the current disk booktype?

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Although I’m not Wesociety, I try to answer your questions - starting with the last one.
Currently there is no possibility to change the booktype with Nero, but last weekend I read in my PC magazine that a Nero version will be able to change the Booktype at least for DVD+R-DL discs. I’m not sure if it will also work with single layer DVD+R(W) discs.
With DVD Bitsetter you can change the default booktype for the burner for DVD+R and DVD+RW discs. This setting is stored permanently until you change it again.
For DVD+RW you can change the booktype of an already burned DVD+RW. That’s what is meant with “Set current disc”

Hmm, I didn’t think the NEC drive had “instant bitsetting” capabilities on DVD+RW.

@happyperoil, the answer to your 2nd and 3rd question is yes

At least that’s the intention of this “Change current disc” button. Unfortunately it’s not very reliable.

I had a DVD+RW that was set to DVD-ROM that would not play in my set top player. Put it in my 2500a,and used DVDInfoPro to bitset it to dvd+rw and it worked. Made it play in my set top player too!.

I once had problems changing the booktype of a burned DVD+RW. I remember that one direction was working, while the other one wasn’t, but I don’t remember which one worked.