2500a DVD isn't recognized by most programs!

I just got a NEC 2500a (Mad Dog 8x). I pulled my old TDK cdr burner (master) out and replaced it with the NEC. Windows XP recognized both drives. I inserted a regular cdrom in it and it read ok. I then inserted a commerical DVD and tried to view it with MS Media Player 9 (just installed through Windows Update). The player would not recognize that there was a DVD in the drive. I also tried PowerDVD3 witrh no luck. Nero 6 recognized the DVD, but wouldn’t copy it due to copy protection. I then tried to read a regular cdrom disk in the NEC. It now wouldn’t recognize it! I then installed DVD X Copy Platinum. It recognized the drive, but would not detect that a DVD has been inserted. This is also true with DVD-Clone II. However, when I ran the free DVD-Decrypter software, it immediately recognized the movie
and made the image files. I used CloneDVD to burn a copy which played in my home DVD player, but again wasn’t recognized by the NEC. I then made the NEC the slave and the cdr the master. No luck. I put the master on the end of the IDE cable and the NEC slave in the middle. No change. If I put just the NEC as the only drive set as master and removed the cdr drive, the NEC wouldn’t recognize a DVD or CDR and Media Player’s DVD play option was greyed out. I followed the FAQ suggestion about making sure that DMA is enabled and that the 2 drives were recognized in the Device Manager.

What’s going wrong? Please make some suggestions.


You didn’t even provide software version numbers…
We need details to help you.
Old software doesn’t always support newer drives.

The situation is strange. I got a message from Mag Dog to boot into Safe Mode, remove the cdr and dvd-r drive references and reboot. If I do that both my cdr drive and the dvd drive can read regular cdroms and the DVD can read a DVD burned with photographs. However, as soon as I insert a DVD movie, NEITHER drive will read anything with a file manager. I can watch the DVD using PowerDVD 5 before and after the movie insertion. Nero will recognize the DVD drive and burn a data disk. DVD-Decrypter also has no problem recognizing a movie or data disk. DVD-CLONE II 2.3 demo will not recognize a movie that has been inserted. Since neither drive will read cds anymore after inserting a movie, I have to repeat the Safe Mode procedure to get them to work! Also, Windows XP Explorer has an icon for a DVD-RW drive before a movie and a CD-R for the drive afterwards.

What’s going on here???

Hmm this is weird. i replaced my ricoh mp5125a which was on sec master to a true nec2500a and everything was fine. All programs worked nero 6, alcohol 120%, dvd shrink, powerDVD5, winDVD6 etc. Maybe not the cause of your problem but you do have the latest aspi drivers in? I dont really know what has happened, sounds like maybe a dodgy drive. Maybe a firmware flash will cure your troubles, other than that i can’t be of more help.

It absolutely would not…
His troubles have nothing to do with firmware.
Try default Microsoft IDE drivers.
Try a new IDE cable.

I just replaced the IDE cable with the one which came with the new drive. I did an update of the IDE controller drivers from the System folder and no new ones were found (just the default Winxp). Result = no change.

I did find that if I boot to safe mode, everything is the way it should be. I then rebooted and shut down all programs which load at startup and any other unnecesary processes, but the problem persisted :frowning:

It’s obviously a software issue if your drive works fine in safemode, but not after a regular Windows bootup…
Have you also disabled IMAPI WindowsXP burning service?
I suggest completely uninstalling ALL of your burning/DVD apps, cleaning your registry, and then installing ONE DVD burning app to try again.
If this doesn’t work, you may want to do a clean install of Windows.
Also, just to confirm that it is a software conflict, can you try the drive in another PC?

looks like wimp9 is the issue
I downloaded WinMediaPlayer9 after Microsoft Updater scanned and said it was available(Silly Me). Since I’ve had it on me system, I cannot play DVD’s in my Cyberlink DVD/ combo cd rom drive or some home made music cd’s, which I could play just prior to downloading wmp9.

Thanks for the link cnlson!

I uninstalled the IDE devices and rebooted. The first time, it looked like that was the problem and everything worked until I rebooted again. Then, the same problem. I even updated my VIA Master IDE drivers with no luck. I guess, I just have to live with the problem and only use certain burning programs.

I would just do a clean install of windows. I had a problem with different burning apps that were causing a conflict and IDE drivers. I did a clean install and it worked with just having the Microsoft drivers on it.

grafx1, I experienced the same issue that you are referring to.
I had a video DVD in my NEC 2500A (drive F: ), but WindowsXP would not recognize that there was a disc in the drive.
I then noticed that I had DVDIdentifier running.
After I shutdown DVDIdentifier, everything started working normally again.

I had the same problem and getting rid of the VIA drivers and going with the Win XP default IDE drivers solved all my problems.

How do you uninstall the VIA IDE drivers. I tried that through Device Manager and they return adfter reboot.