2500a does not show in My Computer

Sometimes when I boot up my 2500a does not show up in My Computer. If I re-boot it will come back. Anybody know why this happens?


Sorry, no idea :confused:

Try it in another computer to see, if it’s the drive or your computer…
And be sure to do the right jumper setting!


Do you have Roxio installed by any chance?

Do you have any other issues with the burner when it disappears from windows explorer or do all functions remain working and in tact ?

Maybe the first thing to do… is to check if your bios detects it in the bootup process.
If that is the cause… surely no software issue can be involved.

I remember my old computer bios sometimes missed to detect a hard drive. Cleaning up IDE cables didn’t help. It happened rarely and disappeared after reboot.

No Roxio. My LiteOn CD drive shows every time. I will have to check to see if it is detected by the bios.