2500a burning cdrs

Will the laser life/burn life on my 2500a decrease if I use my burner to burn CDRs?

Or will it not even matter?

Right now I have a dvd rom reader and this burner, but I also tend to burn a lot of CDRs as well.

PS: I flashed my firmware ages ago to 1.07 (something), but noticed this one is newest: 1.07 v2 Dual Layer Bitsetting Beta 5, Im having no problems with the discs im burning (ritek g04 and maxell, both dvd-r), but am having trouble w/ richojpn1 (the dvd+r) for some reason. think i should update? and lastly, where is everyone obtaining d/l media from? I havent seen any in canada…

er no one knows?

Shouldn’t matter as i think they are 2 different lasers. the only thing that would come into play is the spindle life at that point.

for media check with ssseth he is a mod in the liteon area and a canook. i am runnning 1.07v2b4 and it is fine might want to check the 1.07v2b5 thread for more on it’s abilitys/ positives and drawbacks rather than have everybody repeat themselves.

I’ve had excellent results burning several CD-R’s and I think as long as you sue your burner as just a burner and use another drive to read that you’ll be just fine

not sure if this is what got you binned but lawsuits can’t solve everything :wink:

yeah, these days “anything” can sue anything else! :slight_smile: