2500A Bitsetting, tried everything, still don't work

I’ve searched the hole forum tried everything, but i still can’t change the bitsetting on my NEC 2500A with Herrie Firmware 1.07Beta4.
I tried others firmwares, but none worked. With Herrie’s i can change the booktipe in dvdinfo, winflash, Nero cd-dvd speed, and it looks all fine, but when i burn a dvd, the booktipe still remains DVD+R!!! :confused:
Pealse Help.
Image1: Before Burning
Image2: After Burning

I forgot one thing: I´m using Nero, but it also doesn’t work with dvd decrypter
Thanks again

thats two things :slight_smile:

theres a new dvddecripter that supports nec bitsetting, also on your first post the tool you used to set the bitsetting says for ricoh drives only?

Yep, that tool is dvdinfo, but i guarantee that it is a NEC 2500A with Herrie 1.07Beta4 Firmware

i wasent saying you dont have a nec 2500, i was refering to this snap shot.

acko, the crappy program he is using does use ricoh bitsetting for the 2500.
fabio, no idea why it isn’t working… it works for me but i use dvdbitsetter. it might be some stupid tempororary setting in nero.

Anyone have an idea of what’s wrong?

fabio did you tried dvddecripter

Yes, just tried.
The Nec Bitsetting tab fails to read the drive settings, only works with the ricoh tab, but as before the burned dvd stays with the booktype dvd+r or dvd+rw, even with the dvddecrypter settings to dvd-rom :sad:

Did you try to re-flash your drive, maybe with a more recent firmware?

yes, i’ve tried almost all firmware available, Herrie’s 1.07v2b4, 1.07v2b5, hp 420n 1.31 from Dangerous Brothers, Mad Dog 2.F8!! None worked. All of them sets the booktype, all seems fine, but when i burn the DVD, it remains with the original booktype. I’ve allready tried dvddecrypter 3.5.20 and Nero!! Nothing works!!! What kind of crapy NEC drive is this!? :frowning: Anyone knows someone in this situation? What did work form them?

Pardon my noob question, but where’s the NEC bitsetting tab in DVD Decrypter :confused: ?
Thank you.

just click the open book symbol

Than you acko, now that you seem to be able to cope with silly questions from noobs effortlessly :wink: could you please let me know where the same feature is accessible within the Nero CD-DVD Speed tool?
I can assure you I’m normally not that dense…

Ta m8, that was quick!

Wanna adopt me :wink: ?

Lol sorry ower house is already over crowded with wife, 3 kids & 1 grandson :bigsmile:

fabio - could you check with a different software? in nero cd speed choose EXTRA then DISC INFO

you should get a display like this:

What IDE controller are you using? I had a problem with an NVidia NForce2 motherboard (using the Nvidia IDE drivers) and a 2500A running MadDog 2.F8 firmware. The only way I could change the bitsetting was to pull the drive and stick it in a different machine, change the bitsetting options with NECWinFlash, then put it back in the Nvidia machine. Now it burns with the DVD-ROM booktype even though NECWinFlash still won’t let me change the bitsetting options on that machine. I probably could also have tried uninstalling the Nvidia drivers and going back to the Microsoft IDE drivers but I didn’t want to mess with the software configuration.

Hi, sorry to answer only now but i was out of the town.
My IDE controler is from VIA KT200. I’ve already tryied another machine with a SIS Motherboard, and even in that machine, more recent than mine, still didn’t work!! It does the same thing that it do on my machine.

Unfortunately, I have exactly the same problem: Every hacked firmware will allow me to change the bitsetting, but none take effect in a burn. I have tried virtually all firmwares, but can’t find the reason…