2500A-Any Further F/W Update Necessary?

Hi-first post on here, so please be gentle!

Had a 2500 for about 9 months now-and I’ve already (Successfully) flashed it with Heries 1.07 f/w, which works just fine (only tried a couple of d/l discs so far, but they burnt ok)

My question is simply this-I noticed on herries site that there were a couple of other upgrades available-would these offer any additional functionality? I’m very much from the ‘If it ain’t broke-don’t fix it’ school of thought, but if it will improved the drive, I’ll do it!

Also, I couldn’t seem to download anything off Herries site, so anyone know any alternative locations for these?

Many thanks


check the 108v3b2 thread if you want. i did not have much luck with it and posted 16 or more scans to compare

Im using the Maddog firmware 2.F9 on my 2500a http://www.micheldeboer.nl/firmware/25x0.html ( now it’s a 2510 :wink: ), it works great with all media i tried.

I’m using Maddog 2.F9 too, works great!
Athought mine was a 2510 before the flash too :wink:

I have a true Maddog 2510a and use the 2.F9 ffw that FearFactory refered to above. It works perfectly for me.

Thanks for the replies, folks…I saw that one, but when I downloaded it, ithe file said 2510, and I didn’t wan’t b*gger my drive up…I see someone with a 2500 has used it so i’ll give it a go.

I had updated it with this one K250GNA0.zip off the same site, but i’ll try the one you’ve all recommended.

Thanks for the advice, it’s much appeciated

Another vote for ND-2500A@2510A 2.F9.


I flashed with ND-2500A@2510A 2.F9 and all went fine, though the first disc I tried to burn failed! Bit of panic set it,but it’s burnt a dozen discs perfectly since, so I just put it down to a crap disc (it was an Infiniti red top x4 speeder, and I had trouble with them before).

Thanks for the information

how did you flash your 2500A to 2510? when i use the 2.F9 firmware it says “Target: NEC2510A not found correctly.” but i was able to flash it with K250GNA0

My 2500A had already been flashed with herries 1.07 firmware, which enabled Dual Layer burning amongst other things, so whether you need to flash it with something like that first, I don’t know-maybe minds greater than mine can tell you!!

Try flashing it again now you’ve managed to flash it once-you never know!

get the bin file from here.extract it,flash your drive using necwinflash.
make sure you flash the right drive!