2500A and Riplock

Hey guys, I finally settled on making the 2500A my first dvd writer after about 3 months of educating myself on the drive. My question is do you feel that with this drive, using riplock you get acceptable ripping speed? I can’t decide on whether or not I should purchase one of the Lite On 166 dvd roms to serve as my dedicated ripper or just stick with the 2500 as a standalone drive… I don’t have the NEC in my system yet as the order is being processed as we speak, so I can’t really be the judge on this matter myself… If I can reach a decision on this before shipment, then I could bundle the lite on, and save myself some cash on the shipping…

thanks for any info

The lite on would certainly serve you well, but, if you use Herrie’s hacked firmware you can definitely use the NEC with no problems. I ripped a movie with DVD Shrink(no compression) in less than 20 minutes which on my machine isn’t bad. That was on my 2510A.

as SamuriHL said, using the modified firmware will remove the riplock. i have a 2500a and would take 15-20 minutes to rip a 4.5 gig movie.