2500A and Mt. Rainier?

I have heard the 2500A does not support Mt. Rainier, but according to the Rainier site, it does.

“DVD+RW/CD-RW drive
1 Philips DVDR1640 firmware version MR11
DVD+RW/CD-RW drive produced by Royal Philips Electronics, The Netherlands.
2 NEC ND-2500A firmware version 1.0M
DVD+RW/CD-RW drive produced by NEC Corporation, Japan.
3 Sony DW-R56A firmware version NDT1
DVD+RW/CD-RW drive produced by Sony Corporation, Japan.”

http://www.licensing.philips.com/services/db/midcodes.html (under Mt. Rainier drives).

What is up?

we dont just claim it we know it doesnt… :wink:

Firmware version 1.0M ???
This firmware does not exist!
Probably a firmware to be created in the far future, which is planned to contain Mt.Rainier support.

I had not heard of that firmware until that website, so I thought it was odd, but figured maybe I had missed something.

You are probably correct…for some reason the site is talking about the future (and trying to improve the viability of Mt. Rainier by saying it is already compatible with more drives than it is).