2500A and media

Im about to pick up a NEC 2500A(Probably tonight or tomorrow). And Im planning on buying some discs, but I dont know what to buy. I see all kinds of test results on these forums with different media, and I have no idea what they mean.

Im gonna be mainly backing up DVD’s and data backup from my hard drive, if thats relevant. Can anyone make some suggestions, I had heard there was a good kind of fuji -R but I didnt see which it was exactly.

I prefer Taiyo Yuden -R disks. The spindle I have are actually rated 4x, but I have been burning them at 8x without problems. My KProbe scans have been beautiful as well. They are a little more expensive than other DVD-R disks, but you get quality disks.

Here is the link, if you are interested:


Hello. If you are interested in non-printable Taiyo Yudens, go here.


A little bit cheaper than printables. I just picked up a 100 pack yesterday. :slight_smile:

Are there any discs that Bestbuy sells that are any good? Ive got $70 in gift cards to there, and that would be a good thing to spend them on.

Which of the Fuji discs are the good ones?

Hi y2j9090. You might want to try some TDKs. The -Rs are made by TDKs and the +Rs are Ricoh I believe. I heard somewhere that the Fujifilms are Taiyo Yudens. But I’ve actually seen some Ritek ones. Maxwells are Ricohs as well. I hope I am correct above. If not, someone correct me!! As for choosing - or +, you might want to buy couple of each and test them on your stand alone player or whatever you want to use it on. And yes these are all at BestBuy.


All media works well with the NEC. Some people have had bad experiences with Ritek disks though.

It is very easy to find out Fujifilm DVD-R 4x is Taiyo Yuden or not. I bought 7 box of 5pack fujifilm. Everybox it will indicate “made in japan”. Even in the disk it will write “made in japan”. Then it is 100% sure of Taiyo Yuden. The id code is TYG01 and I tried 3 disks all reach 8x without error checking using dvdinfopro. Mostly if you find any brand name dvd-r with case that are made in japan. The only chance you will get is TYG01(Taiyo Yuden), MXG…(maxell), TDK…(TDK).

I just want discs that arent gonna be coasters and will work in my DVD player. Ill probably get Fuji discs, just gotta wait til they have the 50 packs for $50 again.

datawrite redtop v2, 4x disks.
they r cheap and have burnt great on my nec2500.

i cant get good burns from ritek g04.

I uses verbatim dvd-r for data that I realy care for. Princo for such think I dont care for. :slight_smile: Works great to me. :iagree:

Ok, Ive got my burner now and I found someone who bought my giftcards. So Ive got money to spend elsewhere now.

However, I dotn really know any good sites to buy discs from other than your basic compusa, bestbuy, etc. Where can I get some good discs for this drive(-R, not +R) in a 50 pack for around $50? And they need to be the kind I can write on with a disc media pen.

Im anxious to start backing up my HDs and other things(;))

I use whatevers on sale…100 dvd+r’s at officemax few weeks ago,$40 , were ricoh’s r01’s, arita was the name says 2.4x but burns great at 6x, they also gave me 100 imation’s which were the same ricoh’s, tdk are ricoh too.
Only dvd+r that i ever got to burn was the sample plextor gave me when i bought this POS 708a…writes like garbage at 8x…fast but useless…

NEC 2500a
Plextor 708a
Optorite DD0203

Fuji are not always TY.

What about these fuji? Anyway to tell if their the good ones? I would go into a CompUSA myself and check, but the only one near here is over an hour away.


The # on them is 25302050

I went down to compusa to check out the pack and it was “Made in Taiwan”, so I passed on it. They did have a 5 pack of -RW for $10 though(with cases), so I couldnt pass on that. Their “Made in Singapore”. Not really sure if those will be any good, but for only $10 it doesnt really matter.

Bestbuy is starting a deal on Fuji 50 packs of -R tomorrow so Im gonna go see if they have the Japan ones. Hopefully they do, cuz I really need some discs. My hard drives are just about full.

Fuji only use their DVD-R for TYG01. Other than DVD-R they use taiwanese manufactor which is ritek oem for ricoh.

They must be using Ritek for the -R now too, cuz every single 50 spindle said “made in taiwan” on the discs. I looked at them all, there were at least 25 packs of them. The +R they had there were also Taiwan. The boxed packs I couldnt look in since they were in sealed jewelcases.

My Fuji -Rs are all Riteks. These I bought from BestBuy last year.


The easiest way to find out that they are TYG01 or not. Just look at where they made. TYG01 only “made in Japan”. Everytime before you bought the disk, just take a look at the box. The only TYG01 for Juji is 5 pack or 10pack case DVD-R. Usually the spindle one is not TYG01 because it cost less and require less time to pack then case.

If the TY dont come in the retail spindles, are there any spindles that have good quality discs at all? I dont really care what brand I get, I just dont wanna buy junk. I dont have a whole lot of money to spend, the most I can go is $60.

I may just end up buying these Taiwan discs, if I cant get anything else. Just how bad are they?