2500a 6x burning the best?!?

I just got this 2500 (after previously using a BTC 8x drive). I have ritek g04 and prodisc s03, both are dvd-r and rated at 4x. People have reported being able to burn these discs at 8x with 1.07 v2 beta5.

Whenever I burn at 8x, I get terrible results when the drive starts writing at 8x. However, 6x burns are extremely good. In fact, sometimes when the drive burns at 6x, the scans are better than when the drive is burning at 4x!

Based on the following scans, I’m assuming I can’t burn at 8x, but why is it the ritek scans show 6x burn is better than 4x? Also, is there a trick I’m missing out on for burning these discs at 8x without all the PO errors (and yes, when the dvd player hits where the disc was burned at 8x, there is skips)?

First image is ritek g04, second is prodisc s03, and the drive was not locked at 4x, hence the graphs rising towards the end. Also, a nero speed test was not able to complete, it failed where the disc was burned at 8x.

first ? is what firm are you using?
also ritek media has been known to vary widely in quality.
also since you are scanning with a dvdrom the results cannot be compaired to a scan done in a liteon dvdburner. the quote from the media forum says something like “we are not sure what the players are reporting as errors or what this means”

this is a g04 @8x in a 2500a using herrie 1.07v2b4

I am using 1.07 v2 beta5 firmware. I am aware the dvd-roms report different errors and one cannot compare a -rom to a dvd±rw drive, however the scans do show me (and confirmed with my standalone player) that there is a problem when writing at 8x. The scans seem to also show 6x with ritek is burn’t better.

I’m just wondering if I’m missing something as to why I can’t burn at 8x (with either ritek or prodisc).

Try to lock your 166s at 4x CAV using “CD Bremse” then use Kprobe.
Still the result must be carefully interpreted and not compared with burners,
but my experience tells me that locking the speed for 166s helps a lot in judging the disc quality.

I’ve stayed away from 8x burning ever since this happened to a Leda (LEADDATA01) 4x DVD-R disc:

Everything seems to work ok at 6x though.

Very intersting picture Phoenix '97.

Here is my latest scan on a g04 written at 6x (notice when it gets in 6x, its much better than 4x burning). I know that if I were to burn at 8x, the PO errors would be extremely high and the speed graph would be horrable.

Looks interesting. I´ll try burning a RITEKG04 media at 6x to see if it´s better…