2500A@2510A Quirks

After flashing the current drive from an NEC 2500A to a 2510A using the firmware off the dangerous brothers site, I ran a few cd/dvd burning tests over it

CD-R’s listed as being able to burn @ 52x are only burning at 16x
DVD’s it looks like it goes from 8x and then works its way down, I can’t even get dvdinfopro to let me run a scan on the disc either…weird :confused:

Any ideas what it could be?

This drive can only burn CDR at a max of 32X, also some CDR discs are slowed down in the firmware to make sure the disc burns with good quality.

Regarding DVD, again assuming the media is rated by the firmware as 8X. The burn will start at 4X then progress to 6X and finish at 8X. Around 9:45 to burn a full disc.

Lastly, if your meaning a disc quality scan. This drive does not support this feature. Only the ND-3520, 3530 and 3540 support this feature so far.

I found out what speed it was burning DVD’s at…4x…and this is for discs rated @ 8x which my DVR109 in my own machine will burn quite happily @ 12x

For reference…the disk is TDK DVD+R 4.7Gb CMC MAG E01

cmc should definately be an 8x disc for that drive

Its what I can’t work out atm is why it isn’t burning at its rated speed, also why KProbe & DVDInfoPro won’t run scans on the discs?
EDIT: The scans aren’t that much of an issue if they won’t run on this drive

use nero cd/dvd speed and do a

  1. create disc save and post
  2. transfer rate and burst rate tests save and post

this will give us the info we need.

for the 2500 you can do a transfer rate which will tell you how well the disc can be read and that is really the limit of that drive… IF it cannot read but still burns this is because the drive has 2 discrete reading and a further 2 discrete writing heads and the read head has failed. the read heads do not seem to be nearly as hardy as the write heads.

which version firmware are you using?

dicer: 2.18

running some of the tests now on a disc I burnt earlier

EDIT: Maybe I just worry too much, maybe the drive is fine, I dunno…but tis the first time working on a NEC DVD Burner

Well test has finished running, and from sittin here watching it, methinks I may not need to have worried so much :slight_smile:

that is a read graph how about a create disc graph

will do that one, but need to get more discs :stuck_out_tongue:

too bad you aren’t nearby… i could probably loan you one

Well I managed to find a spare disc, so am running the tests you mentioned earlier, the write ones

Suppose it spooked me when I saw that the drive wasn’t burning as quick as it said it would…hehehe…I jumped the gun a lil :slight_smile:

Tis all good tho, the pc I was working on turned out to be a real lil powerhouse…

Must remember to run the tests before I start fretting :stuck_out_tongue:

the dropouts @8x don’t look good were you multi tasking?

I wasn’t doing anything at the time apart from had winamp running

i suppose that could be it. cdspeed create disc is pretty sensitive to hard drive access and multitasking