2500 Defective OOB?



Just installed my new 2500A:

It’s not reading or playing DVDs or CDs correctly. These are prerecorded discs. These are not copies.
Austin Powers, John Mayer, etc. I haven’t even tried CD-Rs or DVD-Rs.

I got it to play one prerecorded DVD, but now it won’t play anything including the one DVD that did play correctly.

I’ve uninstalled it and let windows redectect it. I have also, of course, restarted many times.

I’ve reflashed the firmware a few times, I’ve put it as master on its own channel.

Windows XP SP 1.
ABit IS7-G
p4 3.2

When I try to open the drive from My computer it says:
“Windows cannot read from this disk. The disk might be corrupted, or it could be using a format that is not compatable with Windows.”

I’ve already got an RMA from Newegg and its in the box ready to send, but is there anything I may have missed?


Yes. You missed the fact that DVD’s are copy protected and that happens to all of us unless we descramble the protection first.

For free, DVD Decrypter can do it.

But if you want to save time and have some great other features check out AnyDVD. It has a 21 day trial period so you can test it out for free.
Used in conjunction with CloneDVD I can decrypt, transocde and burn a 4x DVD-R in less then 30 mins.


I think you misunderstood. I’m not trying to rip or copy the discs…I’m just trying to play them.

I just want to watch Austin Powers or listen to the John Mayer CD.

I shouldn’t need anything but, at the very least, Windows Media Player.


As far as I understand it, you need a DVD player installed (PowerDVD, WinDVD, NVDVD etc), for WMP to play DVD’s, and even then, I think only WMP 8 & 9 can play them. Plain WMP can’t decode DVD’s.

I think there might also be some addon you can install to allow WMP 8 and/or 9 to play encrypted DVD’s without the need to install a DVD Player (software).


Indeed. You need a DVD Decoder (aka codec) to play DVD movies on a PC.

The codec comes packaged with the full version of PowerDVD, WinDVD etc and installs when you install the program.
Of you can buy the codec itself, install it then Windows Media will play the DVD fine. Although a dedicated players is better imho and has more options the Windows Media Player.

BUT, AFAIK most burner’s come bundled with some sort of DVD playing software, doesn’t the NEC?


The drive I got was OEM. So there was not software.

Still, I have WinDVD 5 Platinum and it wouldn’t recognize that there was even a disc in the drive.

Further, when I would doble click to open the disc from the Explorer window I got the error listed in my first post:

Windows cannot read from this disk. The disk might be corrupted, or it could be using a format that is not compatable with Windows.

Or, it asks me to insert a disc into the drive. This happens with both CDs and DVDs.

Also, I have a DVD player in my Laptop and WMP (I have version 9) and WinDVD Platinum 5 play DVDs from there just fine without me having to do anything special.

As I said in my inital post, I got it to play a prerecorded DVD once…so it couldn’t be that its missing a codec…I don’t think.

I think I understand what you guys are saying, but Windows isn’t even recognizing that there is a disc in the drive…CD or DVD.


Double post…


Hmmmm, have you tried bashing it against the floor a few times?

Seriously though, have you tried a different (80 wire) IDE cable yet?


I actually have thought of that! :slight_smile:

I figure its better to RMA it back to NewEgg for a replacement though.

We’ll see what happens.

Thanks for the help though.


Let us know what happens…


I have exactly the same problem im gettin this error message ‘windows cannot read the disk it or it could be using a format not compatable with windows’ i am tryin to copy some mp3s off the dvd to my hard drive, i tryed the dvd in my dvd player and it workd fine i can play and listen to the mp3s. But i carnt do anythin on my pc it doesnt even register there is a dvd in the drive plz can any1 advise me help would be grately appreiciated :bow:


Welcome to CDF.

Well done for resurrecting a thread that’s 2 1/2 years old.

You should just have created a new thread with your particular problem.

You need to give more information , like where the DVD came from, what burner you have , what version of Windows etc.

Also can the burner read any other disks , like an original (bought) DVD movie or a music CD?