2500 & computer freeze

Installed 2500(1.06) into a Dell Precision 360(XP Pro). After inserting anywheres from 1-3 dvd’s (blank, backups or originals) the computer locks up hard requiring a hard reboot. The lockup occurs right after inserting the disc, but right before the drive spins up to a higher speed. The freeze occurs while the cursor with the small disc is still showing signifying the disc is loading.
Scanned the forum tried many suggestions including updating ASPI and setting the jumpers to master etc. Any other info reqired for some to help?

Please list:
All drives connected and their master/slave configuration
Your motherboard and chipset

As requested
Primary Master WD Hard drive (WDC WD800BB-75DKA0)
Primary Slave Maxtor HD (6Y 160 P0)

Seconday Master NEC 2500
Secondarye Slave LG CDR (HL-DT-ST CD-RW GCE8483B

Motherboard Dell precision360 DELL WS 360)
Chipset Intel Canterwood i875P

Also problem appers to only occur with dvd’s not cd’s. NEC 2500 drive was also placed into a Dell 2400 and seemed to work fine if that helps any.

Make sure Intel Application Accelarator is NOT installed.
If it is, uninstall it.

You could also try removing the slave LG CDR drive and testing the 2500A again.

AS near as can tell the accelerator is not installed, I cannot find it in the Device Manager. Will try removing the LG slave cdr & see.

I don’t know whether Dell factory install the Intel Application Accelerator on the Precision 360 (it doesn’t apply to my Precision 650).

On the Precisions, and, indeed, all Dell machines, they tend to have the appropriate Intel chipset utility factory installed, which can cloud the exact IDE drivers in use a little (even the Microsoft drivers will appear as Intel).

The way to verify which drivers are in use is to go to the Device Manager, and open the IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers item. Double click the parent of the IDE channel that has the DVD writer on it, rather than the channel itself (if you’re not sure, use View -> Devices by connection to figure it out). On the Driver tab of the resulting dialog, click the Driver Details… button.

If the driver is C:\WINDOWS\System32\DRIVERS\pciide.sys, that’s the Microsoft IDE drivers. If not, you probably have the Intel Application Accelerator installed.


Thanks David. I have the pciide.sys file when I checked.

My computer also freezes up from time to time when I use my 2500. I have a MSI 6309 motherboard with a Samsung ST 308021a hard drive as master on primary channel and my 2500 as master on secondary channel.

DavidW says that the drivers can be checked this way: "Double click the parent of the IDE channel that has the DVD writer on it, rather than the channel itself " Could someone clarify what the parent of the IDE channel means?

When I open IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers, I have:

Primary IDE Channel
Secondary IDE Channel
VIA Bus Master IDE controller

When I double click VIA Bus Master IDE controller, I see the following drivers:


Does that mean I have the right drivers? Is it normal to have 3 drivers?

By ‘parent’ I meant the controller device itself, rather than the IDE channels.

The drivers you describe are VIA drivers, not Microsoft.


DavidW, as I am a newbie I must confess I am still confused.

Can you further explain what you mean by ‘controller device’? Where is it located? How can I find it?

You say I have VIA drivers. Are these appropriate? Should I replace them? If so, which ones should I use? How should I replace them?