2500 buffer problem

i’ve been burning successfully for weeks @ “8.3”. now when i’m trrying to burn as iso, i will rip it to an iso with shrink and then burn it with decrypter. it starts out at the traditional 4.1, then it goes up to 6.2 until about 50% written. then normally it will go up to 8.3. now it only goes to around 5.1-5.3. the device buffer in decrypter fluctuates during this process at a very inconsistent rate. the burn does complete. but i was just wondering what the problem was. i have uninstalled decrypter and reinstalled it. dma is enabled on all channels. and to no avail, the problem still persists.

Have you tried deferagmenting your hard drive?

yes i have fragemented the drive. i tried another disc after i fragmented and it was the same result with the slow burning after 6.2x with decrypter. i used the same iso image and burned the image using nero and had no problems whatsoever. so i guess i’ll be using nero from here on out. thanks for the response.