2500 bitsetting with Herrie's?

I flashed my NEC 2500 to Herrie’s 107b5 firmware (I think that was it) and I noticed that the firmware supports bitsetting, but when I try to use dvdinfopro to set the booktype to DVD-ROM, it tells me it isn’t supported on that hardware?? My NEC 2500 with stock firmware can be set with dvdinfopro thought.

So, am I using the wrong bitsetting utility, or is the 2500 (even with Herrie’s firmware) not capable of bitsetting??




When you downloaded Herries flashing files - when the .rar is opened (unzipped) there should be two files - the actual flashing file and a file called winBType.rar - you have to go into this file and set your book type - both on the “DL” tab and the “SL” tab - after the booktype is set - it will tell you so and then reboot your system and your booktype will be set to DVD-rom-


Mike…winBtype is only supported when using Maddog’s firmware…like 2.F7… Robroy90 use Binflash to set booktype on +R but you can’t set DL to dvd-rom i think it defaults to dvd-rom with 1.07bv5 get it here > http://binflash.cdfreaks.com/ get the GUI version. Or get Maddog’s 2.F7 here > http://www.micheldeboer.nl/firmware/index.html and use the winbtype from same place.