2500 at 24x with cd-r at nero

strangely i can burn cd-r only with 24x wit nero why that?
did anyone expierienced the same prob??

What media are you using? 24x is not an uncommon speed to be offered by the drive - though it will manage 32x on some CD-R media.


i know that no cdr/dvdr drive can manage 32x or 40x all the time. it will start at a lower speed an eventually rise to the full speed. but every drive i used at least claimed to write at 32x or 40x speed with nero. it seems that the nec is limited to 24x at nero.:a

i also used different type of media.

Maybe it’s a stupid question: Have you verified that your media is really 32x certified?

The reason I asked the question about what media you were trying is that I’ve got some media here that I can write at 32x using Nero The discs are TDK 52x certified CD-R.

If you go to the burn menu without a disc in the drive, does it offer 32x then? If so, it’s definitely the media. Be aware that the drive doesn’t necessarily have a write strategy that will allow you to use every disc at its certified speed.


Burned a Verbatim DataLife at 32x yesterday morning, so I know it can be done. I have a feeling the drive didn’t like your media at 32x.

I usually burn CD’s at about 16x anyway to increase compatibility with older drives (I was in a hurry yesterday, though). Some of the older machines I’ve worked on don’t like CD’s burned at 24x/32x, and not just with the NEC burner (had a Yamaha CRW-F1 before this).

if i try to red the media code it says “unkown”. maybe the nec drive reduces the write speed with unknown data type. but that woukld suck.

with my btc 1004 i could burn them with 40x. and i never had the problem before to write media at lower speed. i started with 2x d-writers back in the 90’ and had all stuff of media since then.
i think there’s something wrong with the writing speed. i know that the drive has a read/rip lock. maybe there are some drives with a write speed lock. :Z

It’s not really a write speed lock. The drive will only offer higher write speeds if it’s confident that the write strategy it’s going to use is appropriate for the particular disc you’ve inserted.

I’ve got some old Kodak CD-R media left that most drives can write at 24x, and the NEC media list says should write at 24x. In fact, I can only write it at 8x. Still - it does seem to write OK, so I’m grateful for that.

The Kodak media was, at the time I bought it, some of the best CD-R media about. However, it’s been hanging around here over 2 years, and most people seem to say that CD-R media has a finite life before it’s written. I’m therefore very aware that it’s likely not in perfect condition.


but what dissatisfy me beyond that is that this problem never occured with drives i had before. with btc 1004 i never had any problems writing any media (many of it) with 40x.

and now it seems the nec is writing MOST cdr with only 24x speed.:a