2500 and RitekF - 1

By now I’ve blown 40-odd bucks on two seperate packages of DVD-Rs that my burner apparently cannot burn. I’m under the impression that this is because the manufacturer is listed as RitekF -1.

There’s no indication on any of the DVDs I buy who the manufacturer is, so how do I stop wasting my money on the wrong DVDs? I need to these to print my demo reel and get it to employers.

Even better, is there a mysterious firmware out there that will make 2500s print on the discs I’ve already got?

ritek are poo media, probably the worst media you can buy. You should try getting hold of verbatims. Also could be that your burner doesnt handle -r’s

The 2500 will burn DVD-R fine, but it needs to recognise them first & the firmware for this burner doesn’t for these new Ritek disks.

Best bet is Verbatim 16x media , either +R or -R. The current NEC firmware supports both of these at 8x.

Update your firmware, problem solved in all likelyhood. I would suggest modified firmware from Liggy and Dee’s or Herrie’s, they allow better performance from your drive.

Here’s the page for Liggy and Dee’s firmware - http://liggydee.cdfreaks.com/page.php/2500/

I would suggest first trying either Dee’s 205d modified or Maddog 2.F9 (fast).

These aren’t the best discs, but you should probably get useable results at 8x with newer firmware.

That would be 16x -R.

Update the burner firmware.

But the 2500 is 8x only, if you were expecting it to burn at 16x.


The Ritek media is not supported by any 2500 firmware as far as I can see. the 2.F9, which I have on my 2500 has no reference to Ritek F1 media.

I know.

So the 2510 is, only added +DL support.

205d uses newer -R strategies than 2.F9, so hopefully it added Ritek F1. I know that it was one of the later strategies added to alot of firmware, so hopefully that’s the case.

Edit: 205d DOES support Ritek F1 at 8x, so that would be the version to use. Download from the link provided above (Dee’s 205d modified).

That’s excellent news, good of Dee to continue updating 2500 firmware.