2500 and Nero

Hi, I am a new damn PROUD of my brand new 2500 w/ Bytecc Combo external enclosure, works just fine!!!

Well, I have some cheap media (newegg, LG, Princo) which only burn at 4x (w/ Nero), but I am not really sure if I can burn up to 8x, just like Plexor does?

Is it possible to burn a 4x media at higher speeds w/ Nec 2500a?

Thanks a lot;)

You can burn at higher than certified speeds on ‘good’ media.
But not on PRINCO crap or other low quality discs.

RICOHJPNR01 certified 4x burns beautiful at 6x
TaiyoYuden DVD+R certified 4x burns at 8x
TaiyoYuden DVD-R certified 4x burns at 8x

http://dvdidentifier.cdfreaks.com will identify your media.

Just letting you know that I have the exact same configuration as you - 2500a in Bytecc usb2.0/firewire enclosure. Just got it. I’ve burned three DVDs (via firewire) and all worked - using CompUSA cheap 4x DVD-R ($20 for 25). I need to use DVDInfo on them to see who makes them. I didn’t check for burn speed - just let it burn.

Hey! Nice to know you have same configuration!!! I got it from Newegg (delivered on 2nd day!) 2 weeks ago

But the problem is, Nero just doesn´t let me burn at higher speeds than the certified by the dvd media. I can´t even choose higher speeds on the burning window.

You can only select a higher speed than the media is certified at if the drive is confident it has an appropriate write strategy for the disc inserted at a higher speed. Indeed, some current media isn’t written at its certified speed - I believe 8x Ritek DVD+R falls into that category.

TYG01 (Taiyo Yuden) and MCC01RG20 (Verbatim) DVD-R can be written at 8x. I believe at least one type of 4x DVD+R can be written at 6x - but I don’t use DVD+R media myself.