2500 -> 2510?



I am somewhat new to the world of using moded firmware. Thus, I have through a number of posts and was able to get my 2500 updated. However, one question that I can not seem to get an answer to was if there is a possibility of getting the 2510 to burn dual layer?

I read about posts which outlined that the specifications of each drive are similar but the laser within the 2500 is not able to burn dual layer. This would mean that a simple firmware update would not work.

Can anyone help answer my question?



Every one thats done the fw load so far that has burned a DL has had it work.


can someone please post a link to the firmware that turns the nec 2500 into a 2510?


Not everybody could flash their 2500 to a 2510. My nabour tried both in dos and widows without any luck.


Should work fine with my 107v2 Beta 5 firmware!