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On their site, there are THREE versions of 2A5C firmware: original, fast and RPC1. What are the differences among them? :confused:


You are no newbie here, why haven’t you checked the BIG NEC FAQ?


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original > stock
fast > riplock removed, mostly also rpc-1
rpc-1 …says it all.


And it’s all explained in the included readme file


Well, actually this is not correct. The README is [B]exactly the same[/B] for ‘[I]original[/I]’, ‘[I]fast[/I]’ and ‘[I]RPC1[/I]’; this one is from [U]2A5C_orig.zip[/U]:
"LD2510 Modified Firmware Version 2A5C

RIPLOCK removed
RPC1 Patch
Full Bitsetting on DVD+R/RW/DL

This firmware is based on Liggy’s 205cbt with full Bitsetting support

-R media
RITEK G04 > 8X
ProdiscS03 > 8X
MXL RG02 >8X
Added RITEK F1 @8x

All RITEK R03 >8X
All DAXON AZ2 > 8X
Prodisc R02 > 8X
CMC MAG F01 > 8X
All RICOH JPNR 00 > 6X
MBI PG101R03 > 8X
Added Ritek R05 @8x

More MIDs will be speeded if there is a demand.
Bitsetting on +R and +RW can be added if there is a demand for this firmware"

This was the cause of my silly question!


Looks like Dee sometimes doesn’t create an accurate description for her firmwares. :rolleyes: