250 GB External Hard drive. Advice Pls

Hi! Guys. currently i am in need of a fast external hard to use in-between work and home. My problem is i am not that familiar with HDD properties. i simply want to know when using an external HDD, what kind can i choose as far as speed is concerned, whether ATA or IDE(i don’t know the difference).Please advise me ASAP(250GB-size)

More important is Firewire or USB 2.0 if both computers have Firewire it is faster.

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The speed of an external HDD is only determined by the USB controllers of your computer and the enclosure.

whether ATA or IDE(i don’t know the difference).
Basically the same. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Advanced_Technology_Attachment

Please advise me ASAP(250GB-size)
Just get a ready-to-use external unit.


Sorry for cross posting my question, i got a bit confused by the navigation in this site.
Thanks for all the advices guys.

No real harm, but when you post an off topic question onto an existing thead it is called “hijackin”. One new topic post in Newbie Forum OR Hard Drive is the correct way.