25 spindle Fuji - 16 €?

I’ve received a personal offer, a spindle of 25 Fuji 8x printable DVD-R for 16€.

Only problem is: I can’t see the MID before buying.
However, what chances are I would get TYs? Or what other MIDs should I expect (and what respective result) ?

If they are real TY I think that price is unbeatable and I will stock up with them :iagree:

Most likely ProdiscF01

hmm Prodisc doesn’t sound too good.
I asked the seller where the discs where made. If they are made in Japan, can I be sure to get TYs or can ‘Japan’ also be some cheap discs?

If they are Made in Japan Fuji then they are definitely TY. :wink:

The seller said they are made in Taiwan, so Prodisc, I guess.

I received Fuji 8x DVD+R. They’re Ritek and very bad quality. Burning at 8x gives horrible error rates. Writing at 4x only works with my 4163B with acceptable error rates. My Ricoh 5240A fails to do good quality. At the end of the disc the error rates rise extremely.


are these made in japan ?