25 packs of DL Sony DVD+R on sale at Fry's

Not the greatest price at 25 for $40 but given the scarcity of sales these days it isn’t too bad. For those of you with a Fry’s in your area it will give you a shot at picking up some MIS MKM001s for well under $2 a disc and some of you might be able to get some kind of pricematch. Does staples still do the 110% guarantee?


  1. Yes, I’ve seen MIS Sony DL media at Fry’s with my own eyes. It exists, but you’ve got to get it in-store, and the pricing might be slightly different than the online price.

  2. Staples no longer does 110% price matches. It’s only a straight 100% now.

As mentioned above it isn’t the best price we have ever seen, but for those in real need of quality DL media (ie those in the XBOX 360 mod scene), this isn’t a bad option. Thanks for the info on staples though.

if the B&M store will not honor the website and there is a significant difference, one could do the exchange

some still report that they still find MIS Verb at Sams Club, check out walmart weekly ad for free pass to Sams Club

If you see 3 10pack Verb DL bundles for about $49, they are MIS.

My local Sam’s doesn’t stock either of them. :frowning: