25 pack Fuji DVD+/-R for $9.99 USD



I know it’s not the best of deals but if you missed out on the previous few weeks of deals, Long’s Drug has 25 pack Fujifilm DVD+/-R for $9.99 for this week. I was at Bestbuy tonight browsing through their media stock :stuck_out_tongue: and I found that they had a quite a nice stack of Fujifilm DVD plus and minus R 1-8x Made in Japan media (which should be Taiyo Yudens) for $20+ dollars :iagree: and completely forgot to bring my Long’s paper advertisement so I didn’t pickup any. Check it out if you want. Oh and the stack of MIJ Fuji ones were at a separate location apart from the main CD/DVD media section…those rascally rabbits :wink:

Disclaimer: I know it’s cheaper to purchase it online but this is meant for those people who want to pick it up locally. :flower:


i’m willing to pay extra for branded TYs locally if anyone near me had them :frowning:

and I don’t konw what a Long’s is so I guess I’m out of luck. I assume this is a regional chain? whereabouts are you from? (no need to be specific…northeast? midwest? etc…)


I’m located in California. The store is called Long’s Drugs .


Uh, MIJ Fujis at this point are going to be VERY OLD STOCK, they are hard to find in most locations as Fujifilm has pretty much switched all it’s production to Taiwan. That and considering that I can get 100 pack of the unbranded 8x DVD-R for less than $38 shipped, it’s not much of a deal. If you are going the in-store special route, keep an eye out for the MIJ Sony sales as they work out to about $30 per 100.


Fyi , have the same deal here in Canada 9.99 for 25 pk , 29.95 for 100 pk @ Best Buy and Future Shop , checked them out , all stock either + R or - R are MIT … too bad … guess Fuji MIJ are no more …