25 pack 4X AML DVD-R $9.50 at Central Computer Systems

25 pack 4X DVD-R $9.50 at Central Computer Systems
Vertex/Velocity DVD-R 4X 25-PK Spindle (Silver-Top)
Packaging says “Made in Hong Kong”


Unique Disc Identifier : [DVD-R:AML]

Disc Type : [DVD-R]
Manufacturer ID : [AML]
Manufacturer Name : [Unknown Manufacturer ID]
Disc Application Code : [Unrestricted Use : Consumer Purpose]
Recording Speeds : [1x , 2x , 4x] (8x Cannot Be Detected)
Blank Disc Capacity : [2,298,496 Sectors = 4,489.3MB = 4.38GB (4.71GB)]

[DVD Identifier - (Link:http://DVD.Identifier.CDfreaks.com)

AML? Cheap Hong Kong media made by small shady companies? When one can get quality discs like Prodisc for around the same per-unit price…

Actually I had bought the sample pack from supermediastore.com and there white top house brand supermedia is also AML, and it burns at 8x with Herries firmware on my Nec 2500A. So after I knew that they worked fine from the sample pack, I bought a 100 pack for 37 dollars total or 37 cents each from supermediastore.com and burned a bunch without any coasters and even plays fine on my picky magnavox without any problems, even at the end.

Actually, the results on this media are suprisingly VERY good when burned with the NEC 2500A.
You can see my PI/PIF results here:

Also, transfer rate test on the NEC 2500A was completely smooth! No readability problems. :slight_smile: