'25% of American adults has delete Facebook app from their smartphone'

Originally published at: https://www.myce.com/news/25-of-american-adults-has-delete-facebook-app-from-their-smartphone-85043/

A growing number of American has stopped using social network Facebook. About 25% has deleted the Facebook app from their smartphone, according to a report from research company Pew Research Center. For the report, the company surveyed Facebook users from the end of May till the middle of June.

hmm…never had FB so what percentage am I in here?

I wonder what portion of that percentage includes phones that came with Facebook preinstalled. For example, I removed Facebook from my phone along with Instagram as they were preinstalled apps.

When I get a new smartphone, the first thing I do is de-crappify it. That means - among other things - removing Facebook. *If* I ever decide to use Facebook, I’ll just use a web browser, and log out when I’m done. Of course, I’m probably not going to use Facebook ever.