25 more .info domains for me

I have just registered 25 more .info domains.


They give 25 .info domains for free to anyone. What’s the cost to maintain 25 billion .info domains? (In case one billion people try to have 25 for each.)

i can’t read it don’t know what button to click

Whois.co.kr as its .co.kr implies is a South Korean website. Whois is the largest domain company in South Korea.

I just thought if it could be this free in SK, it could also be free in other countries. Perhaps not 100% free because there are still ads when you click their site. :slight_smile:

Arrgh they made all text into pictures! Babelfish cannot compute!

Korean characters are just like pictures. One has to draw them though they can be typed, too. :bigsmile:

25 domains!!!..what you going to host Kenshin???

Nothing so far. :sad: