24x or 32x?

about to buy 1st LiteOn … is their any difference between the 24x and the 32x other than speed? (40x is too expensive for me)

The difference in speed between the 32x and the 24x isn’t really an issue for me… I don’t live my life that fast :slight_smile:


The 24103S and the 32123S are identical (only difference is the firmware), the 24102B is based on a older chipset.

In short, there is a difference, but only between the two 24x models.


… another thought… so buying today is it probable that I will get the 24103S? iow, has the 24102B been superceded or are both readily available?

You most probably will get a 24103S. But it’s not 100% certain, for instance, I ordered my 24x in december. I ordered a 24102B, but got a 24103S (from the first series made). Lucky for me.

About a month ago, a friend of mine ordered the same drive, from the same place, but he got the old version, a 24102B.
So I guess there are some oldies floating around out there…