24x liteon and make it into a 32x?

Has anyone else heard that it is possable to use the 32x firmware on the 24x liteon and make it into a 32x? I read that they are the same hardware. Anyone know any more about this? Has anyone tried it? Does it work?

Haven’t tried it … don’t want to try it either !

Burning with x24 speed is enough for me !

Is it possible … why not.

Most likely the 32X has a newer chipset revision than the 24X. Byside that there may be no differences.

But there is people that have tried to flash the LTR-12102B to a 16102B and they failed greatly.

So I won’t recommend that you try this.

I am afraid not.

I had nothing to lose and tried it. The software come up and stated that it could not find the 32 speed liteon then exited. SO the Answer is no

do you have a backup of your firmware?
mtkflash (a flash utility) may recover your burner.


Dont worry it didnt damage it or let it be done it exited out. the software reads from your drive and it version and wont let you do it.

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Skyemulator: The ordinary 32x firmware from Lite-On doesn’t work on 24 drives. One have to modify it so it can be written to a 24x…

Sorry i am not that good