24X CDR-W Drive ok to burn 10X CDR-W Media?

Hello is it ok to use My Liteon 52x24x52 with 10X Ritek CDR-W 700MB Discs? I ask because I am having lots of trouble with lockups on Rewrites buring at 10X. My previous Liteon 32x12x40 which I still have Rewrites this media at 10X without locking up.

Use better media then. There is no problem with Verbatim 10x media

Thank you alexnoe, Strange how the media works with the 32x12x40 flawlessly, I’m tempted to try another 52x24x52 Burner such as the LG but before I do so I will attempt to purchase another type of CDR-W Media although here in Canada all my local retailers and wholesalers only have 10X Ritek CDR-W Discs.

Can someone please direct me to a website that sells either 10x 700MB or 24x 700MB Verbatim/another brand CDR-W Discs, here in Canada Thank you. *Please not the Verbatim website which only has 4x old cdrw’s and 650mb useless media.

700MB US RW media is very hard to find, except for people like Alex. :stuck_out_tongue: HS (10x-12x) media in general is pretty poor, especially with packet writing. The 52x drive will do as good or better on any RW disc as any other drive, especailly the Verbatim media. Maxell and Sony are also good choices in 12x. Personally, I don’t trust any 10x/12x RW media. In the USA, the US is only available in 650MB, and most 700MB HS is crappy stuff. The reason that 700MB RW media is hard to find is that it is much more prone to problems, due to the tighter wrap of the grooves. Good luck.

700MB US RW media is very hard to find, except for people like Alex
lol… really, i think i’ve been indeed among the first people on this forum who found Verbatim 24x 650 MB media as well as 700 MB media in a local store, 15mins away by car :smiley:


Hello again, Thanks for the reply as always!, I will indeed get another type of CDRW’s I was only using Ritek since they were quick to purchase and got me up and running (at lease on my old 32X Liteon) I have done over 20 Rewrites to each of my Riteks and they are holding up strong for all my needs of compatiblity, I do see an issue using this media in older Car CD Decks but other then that they go the whole 9 yards.

alexnoe, I’ll be sure to call Verbatim direct tomorrow morning and have a batch of thse 24X 700MB sent out!, what can Verbatim say ‘No’, we do not sell this product but someone came into out lab and took a thousand out and put them into stores :slight_smile: