24x CD-RW in UK

Does anybody know where I can by some 24x CD-RW discs in the UK. Komplett is showing the verbatim ones unofficially arriving on 11/10/02 but I can’t find anybody else even list them?

Many Thanks

I got my 8x8x32 writer just after the 4-10x rewritable had been introduced. I had to wait several months afterwards before I could get hold of a high speed CD-RW disc. Even today, most computer stores here in Ireland and Northern Ireland still only sell 1-4x CD-RW discs. :frowning:

I’m not sure if there Cyber Island stores exist in the UK, but it was a one of these stores that I managed to get my first highspeed CD-RW discs and even today, I think it’s the only computer store out of 4 in Letterkenny that still sell 4-10x CD-RWs.

The best thing to do for the time being is to use the 24x disc that came with your writer for frequent use and 10x discs for the rest. :wink: