24x CD-RW 700MB/80Min

Has anyone tried the Memorex Ultra-Speed 24x 700MB CD-RW’s? Are they good quailty? And who is the manufacturer?

The have them at:

Are there any other companies that sell 24x 700MB CD-RW’s?

I think that someone said that these are made by Infodisc, like all other Memorex CD-RW media I know of.

Reports have been mostly negative.
Ranging from “they won’t burn at all” to marginal quality.
Considering the amazing performance of the Verbatim Ultra-speed, it’s hard to justify using anything else.

Yeah, but Verbatim doesn’t offer 80 Min CD-RW at 24x. And that’s my problem.

All the SVCD’s I made just barely fit on a 80 Min disc.

I finally found some of this media, a test is now posted HERE

Use this crappy media at your own risk.

Thanks for the review on the Memorex Ultra-Speed CD-RW’s.

I’m only using CD-RW for temp SVCD, so the quality is okay. (I guess)

I’ll be using Taiyo Yuden CD-R for archiving them though. :slight_smile:

Verbatim will be for Data Backups. :smiley:

Hmm, just burned a brand new disc at 24x. Nero CD Speed reports about 3.2-3.5 million C2 errors. But CD Doctor reports max 4, average 0.014 C2 errors. But C1 count is still outrageously high. Max 1345, average 282.183.

I will hold Verbatim 700 MB 24x RWs in my own hands on Monday. They are available in a local store.

I’ve been waiting for 6 months for Ultra speed CDs to become available. I bought a package of Memorex Ultra CD-RWs as soon as I saw them on the shelf at CompUSA. Every one of them gave me CRC errors when trying to copy files from one machine to another. My drives? A Yamaha CRW F1E on one machine and a Lite On 5246S on the other. My conclusion is that Memorex Ultra Speed CDs are unreliable and I would recommend waiting for another brand to offer some. Don’t waste your money on Memorex.

Thanks for the reply. I wonder when Verbatim will make 700MB Ultra-Speed CD-RWs?

Could you look 2 posts above of yours?

Wow, my bad. I didn’t see that.
Could you post a link where I could find these or say which local store you bought them.

I can’t find anything at my local coputer stores (CompUSA, BestBuy, CC, OM)

I still can’t find the Ultra-Speed 700MB and Verbatim.com hasn’t updated their page to include them.

That local store has a web page: www.pcanymore.de

Lucky european countries.

Wait, are you sure those are 700MB discs? The http://www.verbatim-europe.com/productinfo/optical/cdrw.shtml?menu1=product&menu2=1&menu3=CD-RW site only lists them as 650MB discs and the pictures are the same.

Post your opinions on them after you used them. I would sure like to know it.




quality check:

10 pieces for 18 Euro

We have these Verbatim 700MB Ultra-Speed CD-RW`s in Norway as well, but here they cost 24 euro for 10 pieces… : (

quality check:

How about a C1 scan from CDDr?

6S0C, 8x read:

Don’t be so conservative Alex, lets see a 52x read!!! It’s looking very good though, Verbatim deffinitely rules the UltraSpeed. :slight_smile:

Wow those results are awesome, anyone know where I can find them in the USA?