24x burners TEAC W524E vs. Lite-on LTR-24102BDoes Lite-on need a separate fan?

I have to decide between these 2. Bought both one must go back.

CDinfo.com stated, as one of the positives in conclusion, that the TEAC has a built in fan. The Lite-on did not have such benefit of incl. fan in their review.

At 24x burning speed it there heat build-up?? I have the CD-RW directly above the CDROM on my computer.

Lite-on has alot of positive reviews in this forum but alot of questions and problems also. TEAC, at least their 24x burner (i.e.mine is made by Cendyne) is absent from mention of problems? Perhaps the TEAC is more stable… or less popular???Any advice between the 2??

TEAC comes with NERO, Lite-on comes with basically a no name burnware and trial ware.

Since the TEAC comes with NERO. it should work with ease and designed with such software in mind. Should I be concerned on keeping a burner without a good burner program… or will any program work on a burner.

I have read here that Clone CD is tops, but many swear by NERO also. I want easy to use software. Mostly music from MP3’s and some PS burns as well are the use. BOth work with SD2


For what its worth, I have the 32x LiteOn installed above my CDROM and I haven’t found any problem with heat.

As far as burning software, it really depends on the vendor of your writer. Nero/InCD came with my retail pack. If you bought OEM they can provide anything they choose (and often they don’t provide anything).

Most people swear by Nero, EZCDCreator, and WinOnCD (which is great if you can read German). I use VOB InstantCD 6 and I have been quite happy with it.

Roxio’s EZCDCreator is ususally panned by most people, although I have tried it on my old machine and v5.1 basic is a very user friendly package.

CloneCD is very purpose oriented, duplicating CDs. It’s competition appears to be CD Mate, but CloneCD is much more popular for protected backups. I think if you look into Nero a little further you’ll find it doesn’t do SD2 backups.

From what I have read, you can have as many recording programs on your system as you like (Nero, EZCD, WinOnCD), but only install one packet writer (InCD, DirectCD, InstantWrite etc…)

Thanks, czar.

It’s most helpful to know that you have not had any heat build up. I plan to call Pacific Digital (LIte-on model) and ask them about “the fan.”

Still concerned by the forum activity on Lite-on and “some associated” problems from the many re-branded Lite-on’s i.e. pac digital, Creative, etc. in this forum. Some users of rebranded Lite-ons had problem with flash Liteon- upgrades. Read Lite-on flashes for rebranded models, can even void the warranty and fry the drive.

Lite-on was faster than the TEAC and even surpassed it in some tests although I recall both were weak at DAE reads.

I am unsure… if I stay with the Cendyne TEAC model, at least the firmware/NERO and etc. is factory issued/supplied. Choices… choices.


Keep the Lite-On and get a Lite-On DVD for DAE (incl VCD). I have eight devices (4 x AT, 4 x EIDE) in my tower in a west facing room (the sun sets in the west remember). Heat? What’s that? Why is this still a problem for people?

Thanks, Futureproof

read your suggested readings.

Does your answer mean that using a Lite-on with Nero is equal in software compatibility to using TEAC which included such software?

Both drives do work with clonecd.

Am I too stck on the fact that the TEAC came with software and a bit better with respect to instructions?

I’ll tell you one thing… although the Pacific Digital Lite on 24x did have smart burn tech on the box, but basically not much other description, and had both english and french side by side on the simple box… this was a bit discomforting, given the strong info on the box of the Cendyne’s box. I guess as long as the drive is the famous LTR 24102B, I should relax a bit??

I am concerned that there does not appear to be user problems with the TEAC, whereas the forum is full of questions on the Lite-on.

I appreciated your comments as an experienced member.

Thanks…just trying to make the decision, and avoid any potential hassles. I have full updated copies of NERO and CloneCD on the computer.

Another thing. I tried DFX software for rec and playback in Musicmatch and compared it to playing on winamp. It appeared to make a significant difference. for recording audio mp3’s is it the best? I have Musicmatch 7 plus as well as DFX as trialware. Previous burns were using Music match with DFX since I did not haveClonecd or nero at the time. Any sugestions on what to keep, and make the best mp3 copies given I have 320kbs mp3s?

1: I hate fans in writers, they normally gets noicy in a month or two. My writers never get hot at all, in fact my ltd-163 dvd-rom is a bit hot, but not much.

2: Lite-on is the largest manufacturer of CD-RW drives if you include OEM production, TEAC is very small compared to lite-on. That explains why there is more questions around lite-on drives.

3: Manuals/service and support have never been lite-on’s strongest side :frowning:

4: If you read the first reviews then you saw that the lite-on was slow at reading music, but now it’s not. With firmware 5S07 or newer the drive reads music at full 40X.