24x burner will not burn faster than 16x

Hi everyone,

I have a little prob. I bought a spindel of Datatrack 90min cdr’s at your stand on HCC. But these will not burn quikcker than 16x. And snce you claim there A class disc i expected they would burn at 24x. So what i like to know is if this is plextors fault. or if this is the disc fault. I also bought some “Double Daimond” cdr’s and after indentifing the manufacturer i found out that the were from the same manufacterer as the one from datatrack. these also didn’t burn faster than 16x.

ATIP: 97m 27s 19f
Disc Manufacturer: Plasmon Data Systems, Ltd.
Reflective layer: Dye (Short strategy; e.g. Phthalocyanine)
Media type: CD-Recordable
Recording Speeds: min. unknown - max. unknown
nominal Capacity: 87.891MB (10m 02s 00f / LBA: 45000)

I have the newest firmware flashed so this can’t be it right?
hope someone know an answer.

The answer is :

  1. Burn them at 16x ,as the PowerRec recommends
  2. Disable PoweRec and Burn at your own risk
  3. The next time, test the media before you buy that many .

oke is a little difficult trying out if your in a computer market place with 10.000 people. and certanly if you have the choise of buying the last spindel or buy nothing because your to late. And an other problem is i bought these cdr’s at CDFreaks there own stand. And they always claim to have the best so i trusted them.

but anyhow how is it possible to disable powerec!!! after done some searching i found out it is possible for 40x burner but i have the 24 burner. Do you knoe how???

Plextor tools have the option .
Nero have it .
Easy CD 5 platinum

Unfortunately, it is not possible to disable the PowerRec II for the 24x with PlexTools or anything else.

to bad but thanx anyhow.

The Datatrack discs are quality discs. The problem can be because of a DMA issue with your drive (are you sure DMA is enabled for instance?). It can also be because Plextor drives can be picky with media. If a media type isn’t listed in the drive’s firmware it will use a safe recording speed. Only media that has been thoroughly tested can be burned at maximum speed with a Plextor drive. I hope this information helps you! Btw, did we meet at the CD Freaks stand? :wink:

Thnx for your help. Well it’s not a big problem buts it is a shame that it is possible and certanly from plextor that it not supports newer discs. And to your question if we met. well that depends on. if you were the one that selt me the last 90m spindel on saturday. than yes we did :slight_smile: But unfortunatly i was in a big hurry so i didn’t had time to chat with you guys. So thnx again.

see ya

Originally posted by Raymongo
if you were the one that selt me the last 90m spindel on saturday. than yes we did :slight_smile: But unfortunatly i was in a big hurry so i didn’t had time to chat with you guys.
Hmm on Saturday I was giving out leaflets so we probably didn’t met. Maybe next year? :wink:

I have the same probs with the dattracks cd’s. It’s time that Plextor release a firmware for this drive again :frowning: . Because lite-on drives can burn at 24 speed. And these cdr’s are just great.

I am very disapponted at Plextor.

Real Plasmon discs can be crap discs, such as “Burn Me 24x”. Maybe PowerRec therefore burns all discs with “Plasmon” in the ATIP at 16x.

The greatest difference LiteON <-> Plextor was that LiteOns has always written as fast as possible, and accepts coasters. The user is free to chose a lower speed if SmartBurn misdetects the highest possible speed :wink:
Plextor thought that it is better not to allow the user to risk coasters.

Well i also just found out today that liteons will burn these discs at 40x with no problems at all. But i cannot believe Plasmon disc can be crap. because they are sold by cdfreaks themselfs as “A quality discs” thats where i bought them. So i also hope that Plextor will update their firmware. It’s about time!

Well, I doubt that CD Freaks shop sells “burn me” discs! These are crap, e.g. as Ritek-Intenso are crap, while other Riteks are not bad at all.

DataTrack is not even made by Plasmon, but made by EuroDig. Disc (only other name for it, such as Verbatim->Mitsubishi)! DataTrack discs only contain the Plasmon-ATIP.

Yep alexnoe made a good point: although the disc has Plasmon mentioned in the ATIP information it can be that the discs itself were made by a different manufacturer. Plasmon only delivers the ‘stamper’ (presser in English?) to produce the disc. The dye of the disc and composition of the disc can be done by a different manufacturer. And because of this you cannot really judge what quality the disc will be by simply looking at the ATIP. The ATIP will not always mention who actually made the disc. As for Plextor’s support for DataTrack discs: if the discs become popular I’m sure they will be supported via a future firmware upgrade. Like alexnoe already said: LiteOn focuses on speed (and doesn’t care much about the risk of a coaster from a too high write speed) while Plextor has an opposite belief: better use a slow (read: safe) write speed when the disc is not recognized. It’s really up to you to decide what you think is the better strategy.

Thank you both for explaning one and other. But it isn’t getting easier to tell what type or quality the discs are. And IMHO thats wrong because i buy most of the time buy cdr’s that are a more expensive and not the cheapest ones. I do this because i hope the quality of the discs will than be better. Discs like Platinum for example can be good(Tyan yudo or Ritek Co) or bad (CMC). But if i understand correct a Tyan Yudo can just as well be a CMC in the worst case ofcours. I wish there would come some international rule that states a cdr’s manufacturer should be indentified before buying the product. But i don’t think this will ever happen tho.

Some packages always contain the same discs. Just stick to these ones :wink:
I’ve never seen a Taiyo Yuden in a Platinum package though.

Well i have them for sure. And to be even more precies i bought these in Germany in Leer just over the borders. these were 90 800mb platinum cdr’s made by Taiyo Yuden!

If this is true, then you should report that to Taiyo Yuden!

TY does not manufacture 800 MB discs (neither does any other quality manufacturer besides DataTrack)! Some time ago, another companie faked a Taiyo Yuden ATIP :a . Maybe you got one of these.
If your discs are 800 MB, then I can ensure you that they are not Taiyo Yuden, even if the ATIP says they are.

The problem is i cannot profe it anymore. because after i have burned the atip wil not be red anymore and i’ve burned them all. Now it says.

ATIP: Information not available
Disc Manufacturer: Unknown
Reflective layer: Unknown
Media type: Unknown
Recording Speeds: Unknown
nominal Capacity: Unknown


But i’m sure it was Taiyo Yuden!!

But i know you are right because when burning, these discs also wouldn’t burn faster then 16x. And discs made by TY never had this problem before. But should i still inform TY because i cannot profe it anymore??

If you can’t read ATIP after burning => deactive Hide CD-R and deinstall Alcohol!

Alcohol appearently always hides CD-R, because I can’t read ATIPs of written CDs either after burning if Alcohol is installed (that’s btw why people think they don’t need hide cd-r when using alcohol :stuck_out_tongue: )