24x 700mb CD-RW media?

Do such things exist? I’ve had a burner capable of burning at this speed for at least a year, but I haven’t been able to find any media for it. What gives?

Memorex, (Infodisc) is 700MB, but is easily some of the worst recordable media ever made.

Verbatim (Mitsubishi), also makes 700MB, but the 650MB is far more common.

I’ve had a horrible experience with Memorex CD-RWs, so I guess I’ll have to use Verbatim. Do any big U.S. chains carry it? I haven’t seen any :frowning:

I made a mistake and bought 2 24x Memorex CD-RWs - wasn’t been able to burn them without read errors in any of 5 drives i tried, at all the speeds (24x, 16x, 10x) - AVOID them!

On the other hand, Verbatim Ultra Speed CD-RWs (24x) burn flawlessly - I love them. Pretty cheap too. I can get them at many places here in Lithuania. I even saw 32x Verbatim media (too bad my burner can only burn cd-rws at 24x=( )

The “best” I’ve been able to find at the local chains are the TDK 12x’s. I have some old 650 MB Sony 4x Mitsu’s that are still in good shape and can be burned without a lot of errors, but being able to burn and erase at higher speeds and 700 mb is better. The TDK’s burn fairly well. A lot of C1 errors, but no C2’s. I have had no troubles with being able to write to them or read from them, but then I try not to leave data there for too long before burning to an R.

Locally, I have not been able to find any RW’s that are rated for more than 12x’s except for the Memorex’s.

(rdgrimes, does Verbatim still sell the 700 mb? I checked out their website last month and they only listed 650 mb RW’s.)

Good luck,